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Here we have the additional content in the form of videos, posters, links and other material to support World of Talent 2021. Materials for contributors can be found at the bottom of this page.

Leo Lambert & Peter Felten

Presenting his new book “Relationship-Rich Education: How Human Connections Drive Success in College”, Leo Lambert makes a new and compelling case for the importance of personal connections on college and university campuses while providing guidance in how to foster those relationships.

Professor Joseph Renzulli

Assessment For Learning: The Missing Element For Identifying High 

Potential in Low Income and Minority Groups 


A major controversy facing the field of gifted education is the underrepresentation of low income, minority, and dual language students. Strategies for addressing this challenge have been to use universal screening and local norms; however, these useful recommendations continue to focus on traditional testing procedures that measure what students already know and overlook other important traits that contribute to high levels of creative productivity. Assessment for learning  examines traits such as interests, instructional preference styles, preferred modes of expression, and executive function skills. Although sometimes referred as the “soft skills,” they have gained much more attention on the parts of college admission officers and employers, especially for higher level leadership positions. Instruments that assess these traits are often completed by the students themselves; and technology and artificial intelligence now allow us to administer and analyze them with the same ease used for traditional standardized tests.


Please click here to download Professor Joseph Renzulli's video (328mb) or to view online click this link (opens in a new window)

For contributors

Please find here templates for your contribution to the World Of Talent 2021 conference. You can find here a  PowerPoint template for any slides you may wish to present. 

PowerPoint template 

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