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World of Talent 2021

Moving forward stronger


Talent development or honors programs can play a crucial role in preparing talented students to handle the great challenges of our time. But exactly how can educational programs foster talent? How can teachers be equipped to help students reach their full potential? And how can honors students positively contribute to solving societal challenges?

In a world hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, these questions are more urgent than ever. The World of Talent 2021 international conference on Talent Development and Honors Education provides a platform for dialogue. 

International Honors dialogue

Taking a worldwide interdisciplinary perspective, the conference invites honors scholars, educators and students to discuss and debate the challenges in talent development and honors in higher education. The overall aim is to move forward stronger, taking into account lessons learned before and during the COVID-19 pandemic. Together, we can create synergies, by exploring practices and strengthening the international corpus of theoretical and empirical knowledge on talent development and honors education.

It is crucial to reopen the international dialogue on talent development and honors education without any barriers.

Moving forward together

The conference is now over, thank you for joining us for a great event!

We welcomed 43 speakers from more than 15 different countries, with even more nationalities being represented by our 180 attendees. World of Talent 2021 in partnership with the Research Center for Talent Development in Higher Education and Society at Hanze University of Applied Sciences provided us with over 16 hours of educational content spread out over a total of 33 presentations across three days. 

Sessions now available on demand!

If you missed a session at World of Talent 2021, you can now catch up as all sessions from the conference are available on demand. We have a deciated YouTube channel which you can find via World of Talent 2021

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