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Jennifer Lease Butts & Jaclyn M. Chancey

Jennifer Lease Butts, Ph.D. -
Associate Vice Provost for Enrichment Programs
Director Honors Program, University of Connecticut
Jaclyn M. Chancey, Ph.D. -
Enrichment Programs Director for Curriculum, Assessment, and Planning
Associate Director Honors Program, 
University of Connecticut

How do we develop the talents of college students? How do we ensure they have the skills and abilities to present solutions for the challenges that await them in the world? These questions have been central to our redesign of the Honors Program at the University of Connecticut. Our presentation will share the basic elements of an Honors education at UConn. We will highlight talent development theories that undergird our work. These theories informed the requirements we have implemented, and we will illuminate the ways students gain experience in identifying challenges and creating solutions through Honors. Finally, we will share our concept of an Honors education as the vehicle to provide developmentally appropriate and flexible experiences for a diverse group of students.




Jennifer Lease Butts’, Ph.D., research interests include Honors education, Honors pedagogy, Honors students and giftedness, and the psychosocial development of Honors students.                                                                                                                                               

Jaclyn M. Chancey earned her Ph.D. in gifted education and counseling psychology at UConn, and her current work focuses on the application of gifted education theory and pedagogy in the honors context.

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