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Jessica Zweers - Lecturer in Medical Diagnostics at Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen, Teacher of the Year 2021

How to design an interdisciplinary honors module during an international pandemic? Having not met physically, guidance on how we developed the programme online. Jessica will also describe the process and the advantages and disadvantages of online education, and a little future perspective about the chances of physical or online honors education in the future.
















Jessica Zweers (37) has studied Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Groningen and received her PhD in the field of Molecular Bacteriology at the UMCG. She has since been teaching at the Hanze University of Applied Science for nearly ten years.

In all her activities her main motive is to connect with students and colleagues. At the Hanze University she teaches both in classes and in the laboratory, with subjects ranging from theoretical and practical courses including Mathematics, Chemistry and Biology. In the lab, the class and individually she coaches students on their professional skills and their personal development.  

Additionally, she is active as a coordinator of educational innovation. In this role she is committed to stimulate the implementation of blended learning, entrepreneurship and the honours programme within the school of Life Science and Technology.

In 2018 Jessica Zweers received a Comenius Teaching Fellow which she used to developed a work floor simulation. In this real-life course students practice their theoretical, practical and professional skills by building up a medical diagnostical lab, while they are still in the safe learning environment at school. In 2021 she was awarded the national Teacher of the Year 2021 title for her commitment to many initiatives and her drive for innovative education.

Jessica Zweers - Instituut voor Life Sci
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