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Jacqueline Selker - Lecturer and teacher trainer Hanze Honours College 

Hanze university provides many options for lecturers to develop their educational skills. Starting with basic didactical skills there are up to 80 follow up courses per year available. One of the options is to sign up for a course specifically developed for honours lecturers. A key question in this course is: 'How do you contribute to the talent development of excellent students?’
We started off with this course ten years ago and called it ‘A teachers road to excellence’, based on research on honours pedagogies (Wolfensberger, 2012) that defines ‘academic competence’, ‘freedom’ and ‘creating community’ as pillars of honours pedagogy. Nowadays we consider it very important to create a community for those lecturers to meet, exchange and learn collectively, so the course was reinvented and called ‘Learning Community Talent Development’. It contains 4 packages, starting off with a package that allows participants to get learn about honours education and talent development. Subsequently there are options to step in one of the packages related to different roles: being a coach, a bridge builder and an innovator. The participants develop specific coaching skills, learn how to create a (learning) community and they innovate their educational setting by doing research and trying out new didactics.

Teacher development: Sharing insights

Jacqueline is working on honours education and teacher programs as well as on implementing honours education throughout the university. Her studies in physical education, didactics, culture and psychology plus her skills developed as a national sports coach provide a varied base to work on development of people and programs. Together with her colleagues she builds new curricula focusing on talent development, coaching, community building and (personal) leadership.

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